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When I started to write last time, my mind is fueled with the very interesting idea, I think it was also the anti-kryptonite  thing, it is interesting that having a cursh on someone might stimulate certain something in your brain, and I am a politico neutral person, I expect the ones in power to be a winner, charismatic and great with the ladies, yes, I expect them to be able to fuck around, hey, religion convince people to have suicide by not wearing the rubber, so, I think the P guy is choking the chicken when he said that.

Yes, religion, I have given up on that, but not entirely, I will attend the one which will help me get chixes. Well, if you want a well versed catholic theologian, get an atheist, ironically, they are the ones who actually came to be convince that the more they know about the G man, or the J man, they tried to believe, and of course, I have my threshold on that matter, if religion can heal an amputee, I will believe. I do not mean like the cripple like the so called holy book said it to be, I expect legs, hands gone, and if you believe that they raised dead people, try doing that with a beheaded person. Well, to be fair, wouldn’t that be entertaining? Of course the assholes made the thing more interesting, thus the phrase stupid assholes.

There is no logic in the god conversation, thus i should make a ridiculous demands because “they started it first”