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The world’s biggest is lightly treated in this phenomenal project. the local press was there not because they wanted to know about the construction but it is about one VIP coming for a visit and they wanted photographical evidence. None realized or even bother to ask about this mindblowing project. Of course if national geographic were to interview it would be called mega structure. Where else you can find construction of 55acres of landfill at once? And this is world’s first that in the middle of construction the garbage is going to stink up the place. It is also world’s first that the earth contractor who sub it to another company to finish the job just walked away from the job when they can just blindly have the lion’s share just like thay because they could not come out with rocks sample. Its rocks….the thing you can find everywhere. The guy that represents the face of the company doesn’t know shit. I have to read all the 600 pages of tender document again. Seriously, I really want to get into national geographic.
The technicality is simple EPA standard landfill but eurocode will not ever even consider this design. I have to stay at least two years and the ass kissing is phenomenal. I don’t do good with that so I will only stick with the technical.