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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Of all the conundrum surrounding the fact that I, even a simple minded person, who is lazy to turn a leaf of my notes entire four years of what people called tertiary education, I finally became a graduate. Some said it is the happiest day in one’s life, some said its an achievement, some said every flowery thing they can say that could be found in the English Dictionary, and yet, I graduated. It is not something to be proud of if it can be done by taking a simple pencil to the exam hall and out with blank paper. Should we be proud of that?

Yes, I have learnt a thing or two from them, and its irrelevant now because it simply is irrelevant. Out of all the so called credit hours, as said by my ethics man, you can know him by becoming PM’s aide lately, he said, engineers are not ethical. They do what the boss said, and that is all the ethics you can get.That is all I get from four years. Plus tons of friends, and few heartbreaks, but somehow I manage, and it was not pleasant all in all.

I learn that you don’t have to be a genius to be an engineer, well, you need a few common sense and that is enough. You learn that every single person have limitation, family and their problem. Stupidity spice things up a little from time to time, but like living and all that is really important, should I be proud? Its like breathing, or shitting, or ogling at pretty girls, its what I am ought to do, why am I proud, is there any reason to be?

Plus it is a life long process, so, it does not stop there, so, what is the celebrating all about?