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Monthly Archives: September 2009

This post was suppose to be up for Merdeka,, or in another word, Independence day for me and my country. Everyone was told to feel certain way about we ‘survive’ this 52 years . That’s what I heard in the radio. Yes, those words of wisdom, an ideology we believe, but then again, what will be the alternative? What does that mean anyway? What survive? Seriously, do they mean that if some idiot decided to bomb here, it will never survive? Damn stupid impression.

Those who believe those are stupid and might as well that these people who will be angry at me because they believe with their heart whole heatedly. The concept one Malaysia, and salam one Malaysia is so cheesy and weird…. What is the purpose?

Now, I am here to discuss the disgusting fact. The fact about out national costume. Oh yea, seriously, who on earth thought of this? How did they choose this?

Lets be realistic, no one wears that in daily basis, then who come out with that? Cheongsam for chinese, and Baju Melayu for that people. I never had that kind of clothe. If we choose what people wear daily, shoouldn’t the Malays have the uncles with t-shirt and a sarong wrapped around? The natives would wear sarong wrapped around their tits and for the rest of us, don’t you think it is time for t-shirt to be our national costume?For older generation who used to love short pants with blue color shorts.

I think we should rethink about that.