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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Every fresh graduate knows that it comes to a point in life that the next step is work. That means it is a funeral for most of the things they did. We manage to see many horror stories about how potential employers is like the Catholic Church where they expect their employee to be crisp clean, and preferable no criminal record, and doesn’t smoke and doesn’t do drugs and surely doesn’t love to see naked pictures of the opposite sex. Who cold blame them, if I was them, I would like employees like this too. However, life as we know is never too simple. We could never get what we want. Beware too, when we get exactly what we want, and when we have it, that doesn’t feel too right. Then again, then it is too perfect and made everyone seems short. There are no challenge too hard nor challenge that is out of reach.I am unfortunately, not the perfect candidate for such position.

Well, job search is one of the most dwelling process of all. Everyone is looking for them, and the government began to mass produce graduate. Well, the competition is tight and this gives power back to employer. Half century ago, if you are graduate, jobs are available everywhere, now employee have choice, then, when he hires a bad employee, its the candidate’s fault, well, because there is too little to choose from, now, its the employee’s fault, because he have the choice to choose between the good and the bad. If he get the bad one, its basically his fault. This is the word of some vaguely important person, even if i tell you now, you’ll forget all about it tomorrow.. What is the point?

Climbing the ladder is one of the worst thing you have to do. Ang mo kau is so generous in promoting those whom they think that can do the job well, however, Malaysian we depend on senority. Job experience as we call it. Not necessarily good nor bad. The survey made recently that people in their 30s and below are the fastest to rise in this imaginary idea of a ladder, however, from what I heard, and I hear a lot of things, that, sometimes this is wise, and most of the time, it is not.

I hope I get a job very soon. I am well rested and ready to rumble.