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What does it mean to be a citizen of a country? There is a lot of two cents that is contributed into this and I guess it became hundreds of dollars already by now. It is not certain about the situation you are, it is an accident of freak that you became whatever you’ve became because of geographical accident and, what does that mean? Nothing.

Now, if not the inaguration of JFK, I guess politicians everywhere does not know what the hell citizen is suppose to do. Now, after that, everyone have the responsiblity towards their country, and some of them give their service for the betterment of the country, and some just become the problem.Of course, of all the full speach, only that one single line goes way into history. The rest is just jibberish.

Now, we citizen have the equal right for everythin, this includes the right to complain.

Now, here’s an interesting thing about my country. I do not need to mention where that is, but anyone with a little brain can guess where it is. I will give tons of hints on where it is. Just the mere mention of it might landed this to search engine.

We have everything nationalistic. Since there is a dispute once ago, where there is almost interesting bloodbath between races, We tend to adopt five principles that we should live out life on. These five as we know it has been chanted again and again, some sort of brainwashing of the kids.

The problem with these five is that they said the upmost importance to the least.Here are the five:

  • God
  • Constitution
  • King
  • Law
  • Courtesy (meaning might be lost in translation)

The irony is this, when it comes to religion, we pride ourself that this country is secular, with its secular law and secular society. There is only one problem, if that is so, why number one is that? Every official ceremony there is a need for prayer, and let’s face it, why the hell it is there? I do not want to see some person who believe that one of their prophet does not die and flew on a white horse to the bosom of the invisible man. Some more ‘radical’ believer even believe that we should follow what their messenger passed down and follow an age old rule. That is interesting, considering the rule is based on an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

What about those who lose their faith? Those who believe that there is something greater force is out there controlling stuffs. Okay, now, for most person who have some sort of inteligence might think, this is a hoax, of course, me included. Now, how do you said you are a secular country and yet lead by some person who was delusional of some power? Oh yes, if that is the first one, different invisible man will always cause conflict. So why put it first?

The next one is the constitution. The highest form of law. It is there because it is not to be coincided with other law, but somehow, it was stolen from India because they was freed first, changed a couple of hundred of times though. Freedom of speech was once in this piece of document, and after so long, it was modified again and again for reasons so obvious.Now it is reduced to… limited freedom. So typical of them

The King was powerless and more of liability now. Of course, somehow he can commit crime, but he will be safe enough. Now some even propose stripping his power entirely.

The law, one of the most interesting thing on earth. So much loophole, and the practising lawyers is also a joke somehow. I wouldn’t comment much on that though.

The last one is purely decorative. It is out there because five is a beautiful number. Plus, the flower has already been picked. They ran out of basic decency to put in there.

Oh ya, do you know, the flower, hibiscus rosa sinensis, the common name on earth is Chinese hibiscus, I don’t know if they choose this as a sick joke or something, only local chinese will have that laugh.


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