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Earth Hour, I bet a lot of misdemeanor people have heard what is said, or even done what is required. However, not much people do really know why we did so. Some university student, mind you, I choose my words quite properly to indicate those involved in the thing. They believed that by switching off your light, they will cause the … i quote “big bad power company” to shut down and makes the world a better place. I believe I took one advice from a very nice comedian on saying this, ‘if you’ve got noting better to say, shut up’ So shutting up I did.However, since this issue have passed for quite sometimes, I guess I can say it out loud, that this initiative have been started by the Australian, oh yes, the crooks and their kids from way up north called great britian.

They said, well, this is a good idea, see who support out initiative, shut their lights off. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, this initiative has been all about a vote. Or is it something that superseded the Kyoto Protocol. Oh yes, that Kyoto Protocol, that in Kyoto, a bunch of people signed a memorandum that they need to follow some rules on what to cut when it comes to green house gasses. Mind you, an article written about few years back have scientific evidence that the earth would freeze all over if these gasses would increase in volume. Of course, then there is no movie from that person who called himself “I used to be called, the next president of the united states”

Of course, the idea about the world would freezes over was published in an interesting magazine called the times, which were an ideal book for toilet though. The idea that planet is getting warmer won by popularity because of marketing. Of course that movie too. See its all about marketing. Of course there’s an interesting thing called scientific research that could prove it, and most of the times, these research are bias. Of course, last time flouride is dangerous, and because of a research that is focused on dental aspect, it is flowed into the water. It still is a poison. Doesn’t change the fact much.

Oh ya, the idea that earth is getting warmer is published so vastly that all civil engineer have to be participant to read them through. We hit the popular topic nonetheless. Not the other one where cold is popular. I did an argument in my term paper on environmental front saying that the earth is getting warmer every year, if not, how do we get out of the ice age? With warming, we survive, although, humans, like cockroaches, would survive under the worst of conditions. So, why worry about something that is good once?

Oh ya, this initiative is all about a vote for the next convention where we need to have an updated version of Kyoto Protocol, and each country that switched off their lights means that they have participated. However, think about it. If the scientist and engineers that had done their tests about this during the agreement of the Kyoto Protocol has done a good enough work, wouldn’t earth be better now?

If not, shouldn’t we conclude that we do not know what the *bleep* to solve this problem? Then again, why is this a problem in the first place? If ice melts from the poles, shouldn’t we do something like moving away? What the *bleep* you want to do when you know that you’ll drown indefinitely?

Earth will be just fine. It is the normal instinct that we will not be and we tried to be. Some said it will be the second coming of Christ, some said its the first, some said the aliens will come down and reseage up from something something. I forgot their creed, seriously. Oh ya, some said the horse will take them in a flying horse to be in the bosom of another spaceman. Oh ya, the spaceman term is taken from Bill Maher.


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