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A picture that tells a thousand words, but I only look for one by one, especially summarized the whole picture into one big one. So, I took my initiative to find it in flickr. Wouldn’t be suprising since it is the biggest picture database on earth. I searched “Happy”

Okay, I have to filter out all the should be happy, like happy birthday or annivessary, not that i am saying that it is not happy, just that, people assume that it should be happy. Gosh, people wish happy to every holidays in the list, happy x’mas, easster, etc. This is going to be hard.

This person reflect the feeling by using that, obviously that it signify the love of another towards her. Or seemingly seeing that someone after so long or at the end of the day. Sometimes that is happy. I still have that every time I see those ladies whom I am proud to call my friend, all platonic though, although I do not want it to be for some of them. I am still glad for those whom I wished to mentioned here, but I won’t.

I guess the sight of a vacation is somehow happy to someone. I need a vacation soon. Now, I could find other which is compelling but what are happy to someone? I am curious, why am I not happy? All I wish for is happiness like this.

This is too much for someone with a weak enough heart, so, I choose another one that shows another happy

Now, this is happy for someone, in a bath tub with the dick duck and nice music.



  1. Wow nice happiness!

  2. its always nice and its all in your head

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