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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Here I goes again, thinking about something quite normal and spice it up a little. Ever wonder why sometimes awareness ads is so not attractive to its viewer? Take for example breast cancer. This two word combination, one people love another people fear. Those awareness only focus on the things that people fear, and of course fear sells. However, sex sells more, a lot more.

The universally accepted symbol for that is a simple pick ribbon which is twisted in the shape of greek alphabetical gamma, except it is upside down. I do not know if the orientation means anything but it seems most of the symbols and tutorials I’ve seen is almost identical. They are pinned on the collar the same way and a lot of it doesn’t mean anything. The entire month of October is even dedicated to this cause. You will see blogs being changed to pink well, because everyone is doing it. So it is logical everyone should. If you don’t you’ll face half of the population with disgust and horrific comments.

Well, most of them didn’t do a thing else but to change the color. The movement is to make people be aware of that and do checkup(reads squeeze boobs). Some of the money will go to the research on the disease, they want to find a cure for it. Although the disease is still cancer, they only research it on breast. Not a biological student though, so, not sure if its the same if it grows in breast, brain, skin and etc. If there’s such thing as cure, will it cure other types of cancer?

Now, back to the advertising, what does pink ribbon have to do with squeezing and rubbing those wonderful melons? If you were to get the fund on breast cancer, and get men to give give give, well, organize a charity event, with drinks and excellent cratering, and high entrance fee, and inside that event, additional charity fund is asked. Here’s an interesting, cast 50 models to mingle – topless. Well, the men will definitely get an approval to go there, because it is for a wonderful cause. Furthermore, this will have two function. Of course, the ladies who would be hesitant at first, but who would not like to have that firm and appealing breast? This would serve as a reminder that, the cancer would ruin it if it is not maintained completely.

Instead of using ribbon to remind them about this cause, why not change it to a pair hands grabbing a pair of boobies. Which one would reach more audience?