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It has been a while since I’ve written anything and I does miss writing. This jumbo mumbo of language is exciting and yet intriguing to my mind and hopefully this is stimulating enough for me to continuing this life to make it worth living for. Well, my father was 52 this week. It is a real interesting position to be in of being his son. Well, he might not be the best dad on earth, but he’s good enough. I still don’t know how that notion of being best is, but, good dracious, people have been interested in this title for so long, especially moms.

Well, what legacy does my dad left for me? I don’t expect money, nor I expect the house or the things. I was reminicing on the things that my dad would teach me about life that no money can buy nor no one could take away, someday I was expected to say to my kids which starts like,” You know, when I was your age, my dad told me….”

Little did I realised, the more I think about it, the more I didn’t know anything about it at all, there is not much things of much originality in here, much of that is coming from those home movies, and movies that I saw, well, maybe Kramer vs Kramer has much effect on his parenting style, but no matter what it is, I think its working…. somehow. If not, how could someone like me turned out like me?

Well, some might argue that its the mom’s fault that I am that way, but not entirely. I think that she bad mouth his own kind. Oh ya, racism does exists in chinese community among the chinese themselves too. She said that her own people are lazy, gambler, and famous for being a drunkard. She being a devout christian, believing in eternal damnation, well, tried to avoid those, her legacy is only that, her kids don’t go to hell. I guess dad have all the same thing as she is.

It is simple right, to deligate all the childcare to the ladies, and the mother to the mother in law or nanny, then the cycle goes on and on till the parents doesn’t know their children anymore. Then what? The story does not differ from family to family, its the same everywhere.

However, some of the things I know that I should not do

  • knocked out
  • crime
  • curse in front of lady
  • hit a woman

I guess that sums it all. 😛

I do wish for more I could fabricate to make me a better dad and hope I do deserve the world’s greatest dad? That’s bull.


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