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What is new exactly? I have the tendency to think of too much things at so little time, but thinking about things are good, and its just time wasting in this case. When you get new things, like a car, how long will you cherish it like its new? How long does it take from you to change this, “Its my new car” to “Its my car”. Just to think about it, when you get rid of your old car, at the other end of the deal, he is getting something new, but for you, its old, so its new or old.

Same goes to people too, when does an ever cute baby become just a kid? Anyway, for normal people who does not categorize a baby by toddler, infant etc. When does baby become boy? or girl? or when people become old. It is confusing, I am lder, yes, but am I old, no.

So here’s an interesting question, did the things I pick up from store shelf new or old? If its latter, why on earth I am buying old stuff? The sort of hands involve in business transaction, first hand books, second hand books, and etc, does photocopied book considered first hand? Strictly speaking, every book we bought is second, the first was reserved by the bookshop. Shouldn’t we get slashed half price for that? And the business of half price sales, why does people sell their book half price? Its a loss. Bookshop who bought from other book shops also jacked up the prices tenfold, is it that we are stupid, or they are?

There are some things I don’t mind having old, vintage cars I don’t mind, phonograph also I don’t mind, and all collection of beatles CD, and also any bad stuff that might need little repairing or fully disassembled. I’m so good at taking things off and let it stay off. Okay, that sounded a little dirth… but let it be… I have a dirty mind, so what? ha ha

I’m wasting so much time thinking about rubbish.


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