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It is March, and I am so happy that another month has gone for me nearer to my freedom, with freedom papers on my grasp, few more month and life without computer is real hard, but somehow I manage to stay alive, my notebook has been lagging. That means no word processor and etc. I find that to be surprisingly relaxing that I have gotten so much things done, foundation design all covered, for the rest of the year. Traffic study all read, though not the HCM, the manual is thick, 420 pages of figures and term I don’t want to know about.

Finally, its all bullcrap, haven’t finished FEM though its the only engineering knowledge that is really important and according to the balding indian and it can fit into all problem on earth including airflow, structural, fluid, and i was thinking, why this is not taught first? Kinda stupid to think about that but thats a completely sane question.

The next few month will be busy as a bee, but I will try to reply all calls and emails as soon as possible.



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