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Everyone have a favourite food, I however, do not really have one, I do not know why, and I like food, food to me is the essence of living, it makes worthwhile, and be it expensive or just cheap by the roadside food, good food is always enjoyable, and usually its with a can of beer and good company. 

There can be spicy, salty, exotic(not sure what that means), and etc, but do I have an absolutely favourite food? What constitutes as a favourite food? Food that you’ll eat no matter how you feel? or food that you’ll eat no matter where and when, no matter how much you eat it, you’ll never ever be tired of it? However, there’s no food that I will eat everyday. So, what you want to me to think about what I think about the absolutely most delicious and my most favourite food in the world, I don’t know.

So, this few days, while designing something called the aeration tank, I was with my friends going out to eat, finding all sort of food, and as for the work, I would say, there were more eating than doing the shit that we are suppose to be doing, its very much like working in the public sector. So, what now? I tasted some moslem food, indian food, and chinese food, my friends was like, you have got to taste this. So I did, it was not bad though, although there is some residual of bad visits to the toilet seems unevitable, its good. 

The place I am in is a good place to be in, with culture mixed altogether, foreign people wanting to put money in some food establishment, however, these establishment are never cheap, and if you actually go to their country and have the exact same food, it’ll be cheaper there, sometimes even better. However, some just suck. Shit happens.

A good company is what that matters, however, eating alone sometimes have the advantage, you don’t have to wait for someone to chew, talk, horrible jokes and etc, so, what’s your absolute favourite food? I find that with the company of pretty ladies makes food taste better.



  1. cant agree with you more ;p!!!

    but if the food is so nice, i tend to gobble and just concentrate on the food and everywhere else seemed slow motion!! wakakaka

  2. ha ha ha, me too, this is my blog la.. ha ha, anyway, just go to wherever u feel like, and gobble good food…

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