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Monthly Archives: February 2009

It is middle of Feburary and for most part of the world, today is the day we celebrate LOVE, however, no one really gives a *bleep* about this Saint, who have some connotation on some christian ring to it, but that is all it is. Most people argue that today is just like every other day, and most too said that everyday should be valentine’s day, but honestly, everyone still treats today as some significance for love.


taken from flickr

taken from flickr



Oh no, it does not serve as a symbol of love anymore, now it becomes an obligation, something that we must do. It serves as a reminder for single people to find some life partner that take all the crap you omit and to love you unconditionally for ever and ever. 

Those with other/better/worse half is obliged to lavish a spending in everything overpriced just to find out that she will still give you a time hard enough for the rest of your life if you don’t. She will eventually evenif you do. 

So, here I am, writing for the blog which I hardly maintained, maybe it was the guilt I felt, however, I did manage to have a decent conversation with one person which made my day, at least it doesn’t turn me suicidal for the day. Not that that’s what I will be doing thoough.

I am still wondering, what else could I have done differently if it was different? 

Oh ya, a picture of flower for those who are single and lonely out there, and I choose white roses because of my promise to someone, and you know who you are.