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Well, its the Chinese New Year and I am now consuming knowledge down as I have so much to do, and most of my luggage weight are books this time around. So, to all Chinese out there, or half chinese, or those who wished to be chinese, just have a Prosperous New Year. 

I would be playing with firecrackers soon. Anyway, I am about to write a load full of bull crap regarding Chinese Astrology, but in the spirit of the season, I deleted the draft. Showed it to my friends, and they laughed and maybe they might have already forgotten. I will not blog till next year….. err.. I mean Chinese Year.

However, have some pork and go mix around, and girls, you’ll meet a lot of predators out there… 😛



  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai!! hehe..
    enjoy yourself this CNY k! have lots of ang pow!!

  2. balang, i have a little, flood all over… he he, plus the older i’m getting, the less i am going out. i am just lazy

  3. Hehe, ya lor the flood spoil everything, hehe…weii..which blog are you managing at the moment, im owes confused ;p

    did u play in the flood?? hehe

  4. errr, i am maintaining just this…. no need to be confused… ha ha

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