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As usual, I hate shit when it comes to some feminist comes with an agreement with almost all other woman regarding what a man should be. Most of the woman nowdays have uninomiously agreed upon certain thraits of what a men are, and all those traits are agreed  upon even by most men. Well, some are quite reasonable but some are just jibberish. Take for example, most of them said a real men will not take risk and just stay home all day every day to be alive to take care of the family etc etc… Of course, that means, no more night out with the guys, no more beers, no more flirting with those sweet 18s or whatever your age is, minus five. 

What does people mean when they said ” You’re not man enough!” ^%&^ What does that mean, you don’t stay hard long enough, you don’t keep her happy always, you don’t let her win in every single arguement you guys have, you don’t let her have it? you don’t make her day? Come to think of it, there could be 10000000000000 things that makes her mad but only one that makes her happy as… err…. her seeing the diamond ring for the very first time?

It gets worse when even other man decided to agree with women in these stuff, I don’t know how they manage to peel off their balls and polish, but whatever those group did, they certainly get it. I just seems don’t. 

When women finally decided to talk, well, what they do is decide for you what you should be like, you should more like her one of her bff’s friend, with certain characteristic, and when there comes to an equilibrium in what a man is suppose to be, well, I guess we all become alien, with the syncronised uniformity on how we decided to treat woman. However, most men does not expect their partner to change, I guess they read all sort of books that offer help on how to make it better, well, being herself is not really important to her no longer, I guess I have to agree with Mr Chapelle on these books makes women forget how beautiful they really are. 

When women are unhappy, well, it makes sense that the men are unhappy too. (does not work vice versa)

Well, some actually believed that after you found that special woman in your life, no one can please you, makes you happy or sad except her, and your boss, and of course, her, and her and her. I guess I am just lonely after so long I am happy, I finally is given the talk, although its been few weeks passed, I guess I missed having someone to be happy with.



  1. oh, i’m one unconventional woman. 🙂 so is your sister.

  2. ha ha, really? beh bai oh… err, as for my sister… i duno what she is worr.. ha ha

    • Edith
    • Posted April 3, 2009 at 4:04 pm
    • Permalink

    Well, I’m a mysterious woman. Even my bro don’t know the real me…muahahahhahaha

  3. oh… nah, i dun wanna know you… but there’s this someone else that i want to know more… and u will never ever know who…

  4. Woooo..! Mann!

  5. shhh

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